Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gilgamesh, sorta.

Its from this site here.


I really like this photo.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Finally. It feels like Portland during the winter. It has an odd sense of comfort even though I don't really enjoy riding in it all the time. As much as I make fun of other people listening to "sad bastard music" I am listening to Neurosis and it completes the atmosphere of gray and wet. I will say at this point I love it.

This semester is flying by at a scary and thrilling rate. Scary because before I know it I will be standing up before a room full of people and a panel talking for about an hour or more. Thrilling because I will be done with school and will be out of the country for a bit.

My messenger bag as mis-aligned one of my ribs. At first I thought the pain I was feeling was from anxiety. but I realized that the lower strap goes exactly over the area of pain. I over load by pack a lot so it makes sense. Unfortunately, this means I need to get a large backpack to ride with soon, otherwise I'm going to continue to injure myself.

Lost my thoughts...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I R Metal

Before i get started, there's something that y'all need to see. Seriously. I have been borrowing this to run errands that a bike cannot and it is waaaay fun.

If you aren't around you can imagine what it is like with me being in this van. I pretty much only listen to Coliseum while I drive it. Thanks Verg, you rule.

My weekends have been a lot of fun. Last weekend we watched The Fellowship of the Ring, made lentil loaf, had a huge fire and drank wine. This weekend started off with pool at Yurs with Tyler and then I packed the van with people and we all went to my house and sat in front of the fire with an 18 pack of Pabst. I woke up the next morning and went mountain biking at Scappoose with Molly, Kevin and Emily. I always love doing that and I always forget how much fun it is. After work I met Jack Tesar and Claire at Jack's Aunt's house and we watched more Lord of the Rings and ate fried rice. Then Tyler came over and we started to drink. Claire fell asleep (she broke her elbow earlier in the week) and the rest of us went for a walk in Mt Tabor. It's actually really fun to walk around drunk at night with friends. Who knew? When we got back to the house,Jack tried to make me drink more, but Tesar saved me. Jack and Tyler started to wrestle and I threw about 50 beanie babies at them as well as some soccer balls. At whatever point I went to the bathroom and let my dinner come threw my mouth while Tyler and Tesar sat next to me. It wasn't miserable, though not thrilling. Mostly funny. I asked Tyler to text Ryan to tell him that I was not going for a ride the next morning. That was hilarious, though I feel bad for skipping out on Ryan. So, I had my first experience with vomiting as a result of too much drank and a hangover the next morning that lasted all day. I will say that it was a lot of fun, but next weekend is going to have to be alcohol free. Shit takes a lot out of you.

In other news, my Thesis is going well. I've cut my personally belongings down to a quarter of what they used to be. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be here next winter. I'm going to start teaching myself Spanish. Again. Naomi was here last week! But now she is gone again. :( Here are some seedlings:



if you know what I mean.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Pictures

Sorry my posts are getting a little random and sporadic. I get internet at my house on Friday. Things should shape up by then.

Anyways here is the seed bed. Its exciting to me.

And here are some carrots I pulled out of the garden a few days ago that were delicious.

Hopefully by the next time I check out a camera I will have my shelves done and bedroom walls painted. Maybe I'll have some pictures that aren't so mundane as well.

Friday, February 6, 2009

i love bikes in italians

I have been riding a lot (only comparatively so far) and I hope to keep that up. I want to do a few mountain bike races this year and hopefully kick ass in the B cat. in the fall. I'm about to sell some more of my stuff. I don't need it all. I put seeds in a planter bed. Anyways I borrowed a camera for this weekend. I hope to have some semi-interesting pictures up soon. I have a consultation with Brian for my graduation present to myself. More later.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Know I Should Be Working But...


Also this is a billion dollars