Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Break So Far

Has been alright. Ups and downs really. I spent a few days in Virginia Beach and I have to say that I fucking hate that place. I don't really want to go into too much detail here. I would end up ranting about muggles and all the rednecks. I've spent a lot of time with Justine. We've had fun. It's difficult, but we care enough about each other to make sure that we don't fuck things up in the long run. That's pretty much all I'm going to say about that. The internet is not the place for you all to learn about things of this nature. If you cared or wanted to know, you'd ask.

DC or well the East Coast can't make up it's mind what season it is. It's been bitter fucking cold and late spring. I prefer warm, but we all know what time of year it is. I'm glad I got my superhero thermals.

I have read a lot of comics. Justine has been reading Y: The Last Man, so I picked it up and I'm hooked. I'm also reading a bunch of comics that will set me up to read the Marvel Civil War series. Then I'll read about Captain America dying. I've cooked a few things with Justine. She makes some rad baked goods. She also made a blog where she posts her recipes. Yum. I've seen some people that I haven't in a while. Not much else. There probably won't be too many pictures being that some dickbag stole my camera.

I miss home and everyone there a lot right now.

I'm leaving to go to NYC tomorrow at 7am. Sick.

Monday, December 15, 2008


It seems like a lot of things happened this week. I had a final crit in one class. Went terribly. I've been casting a lot of espresso cups, though not nearly as many as I need to finish what I want to make. Work is so incredibly slow. I got a new jacket. Had a screening on Friday night, it went ok. A bunch of people now know my name that I don't know and for a video that doesn't exactly represent who I am. On Saturday I had a birthday party. I was disappointed by the turn out at first, but the people that came made up for the lame ones that didn't. Sunday it snowed. Its kinda cool, but school was closed early so I didn't get anything done. I stayed home til about 6 then rode on ice downtown to meet Jill. We went to the Macaframamama whatever video screening. Shit was boring. I'm glad this culture is finally starting to die. Then we tried to find food, the only place that was open in the pearl was Yurs. Its way cheap, warm and the people are nice. Then I had to ride back on ice and crucial wind. That's all. I don't have pictures of my birthday party yet. Soon maybe.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday was a lot of fun. I went to the last cross race of the season for oregon: US Grand Prix. It was a loooot of fun. Phil and i went in the ameri-truck (1950's chevy) and we met Luke, Naomi and Jill there. Jill is my new friend. Everyone was stoked. The race was so exciting. It was super muddy, there were a few national and international champs there, and I got some Belgian fries. I also ran into some old friends who I hadn't seen in a hot bit. I then had to go to school, the least exciting part of my day, but I hung out with Jack while we worked on our projects until I was done with my work study. I then took the shop bike to the cross crusade after party where I met up will Jill again. I walked in and was immediately spotted by Kyle who directed me to Verg who handed me a beer that they had snuck in. It was pretty fun. They ended up sorta breaking a moon bounce and Jill and I watched the drunken hilarity. I got a super nice hug from Molly. I'm going to miss her, but she'll be back before I return from the east. Then I rode home with a buzz and no gloves. Best day in a while. Jill also invited me to a bunch of stuff, which is rad because I need tons of distractions in my life right now. Unfortunately, school is prohibiting me from taking advantage of these events.

Here are some fun things that are going to happen:
-I have a video showing at Gallery Homeland. I'm famous.
-I'm going to the Trap Them show.
-I was invited to go to Soul Night, but I might have to do school work.
-There's a party on Friday that I was invited to go to.
-I'm having a Birthday Party on Saturday night!!! fuck yeah!
-Next Wednesday I'll be 24!
-School is over next Friday.

[omitted para]

I know that my friends love me and care about me and they've been so amazing to me throughout this process. I know they know I would do the same for them.

In any case, I am excited to see Jack and Sean and go to New York.

Oh yeah and Cameron is moving into my house. Sick!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I did it. I got through the first step of my Thesis process. Now just two more weeks of school. Then I will be on break for a month. I'm not exactly sure who all reads this, but for those of you that do not know, I will be on the east coast from the 22nd to the 19th of January. I'll see you all soon.