Friday, October 31, 2008


Today is the first day of the [school] year that I had to suit up in all my rain gear. Jacket, pants, gortex socks, fender. Dumb. Unfortunately I was unable to fully appreciate the beauty of this morning. My alarm went of at 630am, my head hurt and I could hear the soft patting of the rain from my warm bed. I also have taken to wearing my glasses more often because of my lack of sleep cycle and I honestly can't remember the last time i rode in the rain with my glasses but it sucks.

However, now that I am warm, and I have some tasty espresso I can reflect on my commute. I didn't seem to notice the leaves change until Justine brought it up. I then realized that it was amazing out; half of my ride, wherever I go from my house is like a ridiculous calender picture. The maple tree in front of the house is especially amazing. I'm glad that I noticed this before it started to rain, I fear now that its started to rain the leaves wont last very long. Though the upside to that is there will be huge piles of wet leaves to do some epic skids on.

So my ride this morning wasn't that bad. Once the act is over I can appreciate the lore of the Northwest. This will be what gets me through the Winter. Though around March it will get old, it always does.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Play Time

One of the films that I have been introduced to this term in my video class is a filmed called Play Time by Jacques Tati.  It was filmed in Paris in 1967.  There are two very interesting things about this film: Ones is that it entire buildings were made so that the set for the film was entirely Modern and any iconic imagery of Paris was for the most part cut out.  The other interesting things is that there is no soundtrack for the film it relies entirely on the sound coming from the actions taking place.  The use of color is also remarkable, but I haven't watched the entire thing yet.  I did find the whole thing on youtube though.  Here is the first clips.  

Monday, October 20, 2008

Holloween Costume Idea 1 and 2

1. Professional Hedge Jumper

2. Dunedain

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things seem to be back on track a little. I paid off a credit card. I finished my bear armour (pictures and explanations soon, hopefully). Overall I feel a little less stressed about school. I'm finding more people to hang out with. I need people, to keep my mind sane.

I had hoped to keep documenting stuff and posting pictures here, but I realized shortly after Phil's computer was stolen, that that person the took my camera as well. So pictures might be scarce.

My hopes of cyclocross racing in the fall have dissipated. Its too much to do that as well as work on my school work. Maybe next year. Who knows what will happen. I did get to go on a ride with Ryan this morning up in forest park. It was fucking cold, but really fun.

I think I may move into a studio apartment near the end of the term. I need a place to live that I can rely on and everyone that I live with are slowly dissapearing. I'm a little aprehensive to live by myself, but, I dont really need to be there unless I am sleeping or eating. And I could always have friends over. Again who knows.

Anyways I'm going to watch an episode or two of the Venture Brothers until something else happens or I fall asleep.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hardcore kids always put lyrics on their internet shit.

Black rose,
Be my light in the darkest of days
Be my heart in the darkest of nights

I was so excited to start my thesis year. Everything sounded exciting, video and sound, and easy studio elective, and finally on my way to creating my best work of my under-graduate career. Maybe I should have expected it. Too much hanging out in the studio with fun people, massive amounts of debt, and the absence of Justine(which was supposed to help me focus. not sure at this point that's actually working).

I have project that's due on Tuesday and I have serious doubts about finishing it on time. This matters a lot to me. This is for Advanced Studio; a class where you produce work as if you weren't in school. To make it worse, I have a teacher that I highly respect. If I fuck this up, I fail. Life.

I don't care that Artist don't make money. I'm not in it for the money; how could I with my background? Remember that Modern Life is War lyric?
We're not pretty and we're not rich.
We're gonna hafta fucking work for it.
It's our life!

It's about the impact that I feel obligated to make. Things must change and this is how I believe it will happen.

As soon as school is done I'm gettin the fuck out of here.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Im going to learn how to dance like this.

Cause For Anger

Today Phil's really expensive laptop (Mac Book Pro) was stolen from me. Some [expletive] went into my studio, opened my bag and pulled out the computer and my knife. I still can't understand how someone would have enough nerve to do that. Or, how they would know to look in my bag. For some reason they didn't take the charger or anything else like all the other valuable shit in my studio. Luckily Phil was nice about it, that was rad. Maybe it'll end up getting back to me some how. Mostly I'm just bummed that someone at my school would do that to another student.


TrapThem put out a new album. That's going to be ill.

What I should have done today was dropped out of school and raced cyclocross. Maybe some day I'll learn this lesson.