Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things seem to be back on track a little. I paid off a credit card. I finished my bear armour (pictures and explanations soon, hopefully). Overall I feel a little less stressed about school. I'm finding more people to hang out with. I need people, to keep my mind sane.

I had hoped to keep documenting stuff and posting pictures here, but I realized shortly after Phil's computer was stolen, that that person the took my camera as well. So pictures might be scarce.

My hopes of cyclocross racing in the fall have dissipated. Its too much to do that as well as work on my school work. Maybe next year. Who knows what will happen. I did get to go on a ride with Ryan this morning up in forest park. It was fucking cold, but really fun.

I think I may move into a studio apartment near the end of the term. I need a place to live that I can rely on and everyone that I live with are slowly dissapearing. I'm a little aprehensive to live by myself, but, I dont really need to be there unless I am sleeping or eating. And I could always have friends over. Again who knows.

Anyways I'm going to watch an episode or two of the Venture Brothers until something else happens or I fall asleep.

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