Friday, October 10, 2008

Hardcore kids always put lyrics on their internet shit.

Black rose,
Be my light in the darkest of days
Be my heart in the darkest of nights

I was so excited to start my thesis year. Everything sounded exciting, video and sound, and easy studio elective, and finally on my way to creating my best work of my under-graduate career. Maybe I should have expected it. Too much hanging out in the studio with fun people, massive amounts of debt, and the absence of Justine(which was supposed to help me focus. not sure at this point that's actually working).

I have project that's due on Tuesday and I have serious doubts about finishing it on time. This matters a lot to me. This is for Advanced Studio; a class where you produce work as if you weren't in school. To make it worse, I have a teacher that I highly respect. If I fuck this up, I fail. Life.

I don't care that Artist don't make money. I'm not in it for the money; how could I with my background? Remember that Modern Life is War lyric?
We're not pretty and we're not rich.
We're gonna hafta fucking work for it.
It's our life!

It's about the impact that I feel obligated to make. Things must change and this is how I believe it will happen.

As soon as school is done I'm gettin the fuck out of here.

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