Monday, December 15, 2008


It seems like a lot of things happened this week. I had a final crit in one class. Went terribly. I've been casting a lot of espresso cups, though not nearly as many as I need to finish what I want to make. Work is so incredibly slow. I got a new jacket. Had a screening on Friday night, it went ok. A bunch of people now know my name that I don't know and for a video that doesn't exactly represent who I am. On Saturday I had a birthday party. I was disappointed by the turn out at first, but the people that came made up for the lame ones that didn't. Sunday it snowed. Its kinda cool, but school was closed early so I didn't get anything done. I stayed home til about 6 then rode on ice downtown to meet Jill. We went to the Macaframamama whatever video screening. Shit was boring. I'm glad this culture is finally starting to die. Then we tried to find food, the only place that was open in the pearl was Yurs. Its way cheap, warm and the people are nice. Then I had to ride back on ice and crucial wind. That's all. I don't have pictures of my birthday party yet. Soon maybe.


jill said...

by the way - the tater tots from Yours soaked up any bit of water i had in my body and kind of made me want to die. but they tasted good going down.

farrellvegan said...

i have pictures from your bday party.