Monday, March 9, 2009

Too Much Snow

Seriously. I know it could be worse and stick to the ground, but shit, I want to plant my seedlings. Enough already.

So there's a coyote that lives in my neighborhood. I seen em. Jack seen em too. He/she's a nice little fellow. Probably stealing babies out of open windows, keeping the human population down.

I am addicted to DS9. Sooo good. I think my favorite character is Garak. I love the fake science and terms that are thrown around in every episode. I have even gotten tot he point where I will look up Starships and Federation rank insignia on wikipedia. And Commander Warf is on the show now! So tight. I used to watch Next Generation with my parents when I was a kid, so any reference to that gets me excited. Now I understand what Jen is so stoked about all the time.

Tomorrow I have a Mid-Term Thesis Review. In front of a panel of four. Tight. Supposedly it's informal. Ugh, I can't wait for school to be over. I hate other people's time-lines/dead-lines. I hate the pressure. I've never had so many problems with anxiety. I am so much more excited about traveling, reading what I want to read at my own pace, and spending the right amount of time that I need on designing and creating art.

Speaking of which, 10 more weeks of school. 11 and a half til I'm out of this country. Fuck yes. I'm not buying a return ticket. I don't know when I'm coming back.

But, for the time being I need to concentrate on the present.

My ribs are almost healed up. I had Grastons done last Friday, I really like that technique. A lot more than electrodes. Now I can go on some long rides on my sweet Bottecchia. Steel is real.

Winfield out.


What a babe that boy is. said...


ling lek lek said...

ribs almost healed?
whats the deal.

jen said...

dude im so glad you like DS9! this quote is what i dream of hearing from all people:

Now I understand what Jen is so stoked about all the time.

i want to second too. i am on it all the time