Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hellooooo Art

I am going to try and show people what I am working on so they know what I do with my life. I think most people, even some that I see here have no idea what I do with my life. So here is some documentation.

Here are some plans. What do they mean? You will find out later.

These weird looking things are spider-cows. Its for a beginning sculpture class that I am taking to fulfill studio requirements. I thought it'd be fun. Turns out it's really annoying, but I'll think of some fun things to work on. It's a multiple class, so there will be a lot of mold making and reproduction of objects.

Spider-cows because of all that weird genetic engineering that people were doing to try and replicate spider web at a human scale. It's the strongest tensile material at spider scale so why not make it at human scale and use it for the military. I never actually saw any reports of this or documentation, but I wouldn't put it past businesses to try.

This is my studio. I share the space with Tesar. He is also a great ARTist. We took down the wall in between ours and made it one big one. Its pretty rad.


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