Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can't Remeber Anything

So I am still in Bundi. It's rad here and originally we weren't going to leave because we thought there was no reason too. But then as many of you may know Justine received a most generous offer to stay in the guest house for free and help out. Well I just haven't moved on yet. The food is amazing and endless and the company is great. However, I only have until the 5th of August before I go back to Thailand. There are some errands of sorts that mus be taken care of before I can move on.

Anyways. We went to a water fall for the second time managed to hike to the top. It was amazing up there. There was no trash and no people. Fresh water crabs and Komono Dragon-like lizards running around. If we weren't with someone else, we might have stayed up there for a while.

Oh man I keep gettnig distracted by this street vendor right outside the window. He is selling Aloo Titka. So good. Have I mentioned that I will never be able to eat food with out chilies again?

Shit now I can't remeber what I was going to write about.

I am getting some film developed so there will hopefully be more pictures soon. Unfortunately Justine's camera is non-functional, so picture will be down to a minimum. Of whenever I get film developed and prints scanned.

The other night we heard gunshots every so often. We think it may have been people shooting dogs and collecting the carcuses. The Indian Government pays for them because there are so many dogs on the street.

Oh wtf else...

I started doing Yoga with Justine and working out a little in the morning. Its really exhuasting because of the heat but feels so good. Now I won't look like a stick.

Looking forward too: Veloshop Neutral Race Tent!

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ling lek lek said...

food with chilies. yes.