Monday, July 6, 2009

Sneaks and Sunsets

So we are still in Bundi though we are leaving tomorrow morning for Kota. It's like an hour away. Should be rad there too. There is a moat with crocodiles in it. Thats all I can remember about it at the moment. Oh yeah on the bus ride here we met a young man who is training for the Indian Air Force. I forget his name but he said I was "looking cool dude." He has my email address and he made me promise to write him back, but he hasn't emailed me yet. So that's in Kota. there are also two power plants one being nuclear. Though if they are both operational, the westerner in me asks why there are constant power outages here. Of course if you refer to the picture of the power lines in Delhi that I posted, that might be obvious. Anyways.

Last night Justine and I switched to the room on the roof. Its rad, though today its really hot and the electricity cut out in the morning so basically we were sleeping in sweat puddles. Then at about 6 or 7 I think we woke up to what sounded like boulders on the roof. It was the "morning" monkeys. We were forewarned about this. We were not warned about a small monkey trying to sneak in the tiny hole in the ceiling. If I wasn't such a light sleeper he would have gotten further than half way down the wall. For some reasoned I hissed at him. He climbed back up to the hole and stared at me. So I had to walk over towards it and get him to leave. We shall see what happens when the "evening" monkeys come. I think those are Langur monkeys. They are much cuter anyways. They are gray with little black faces and super long tail. The other ones are Rhesus Macaques. They are super creepy and aggressive.

Which makes me think of something else. A few days ago we went up to the palace and fort that over-looks this small town. We went with a Swedish guy named Roger. He is a pretty cool guy. In the palace there are hundreds of bats and it was really cool. I wish I could show you pictures. I may get nose cancer from all the bat poo. After the Palace we went up the the fort which is free and abandoned. This makes even more interesting because its like the fucking jungle book up there. There are soooooo many monkeys. At one point Justine and I turned a corner and there was a baby and mom, and there seemed to be a photo opportunity. But we didn't notice that the other one had balls. Naturally, being that they were kind of cornered the male almost attacked us. We only got away unscathed because we had are wits about us and sticks. Monkeys don't like sticks. Tonight we are going to go back up there and watch the sun set. Dangerous? Definitely. But there is supposed to be a great view.

Yesterday I tried to get money from my card. I don't know if my card is broken or not. The internet was down for the whole city so the card readers might have been off too. I tried going to the only ATM in town and it likes to turn on and off by itself, so I didn't even put my card in it.

One thing that I have forgot to mention is how Justine and I have had our pictures taken by Indians so many times we have lost count. In the Amar fort we had a photo op with an entire family. There are also the men who sneak pictures with there cell phones. It never ends and we haven't gotten used to it and probably won't.

I think that when I get back the the States (and I think Justine agrees) most of the food is not going to be spiced enough. I have eaten so much spicy food here. I can't stop and I know that I have a higher tolerance for spicy foods. I tried running right after eating and it was like dwarves used their master kindling skills and lighted a fire in my stomach.

Also I think our bodies have adjusted somewhat to the heat, mine more than Justine's. I feel as though I am drink less water, which is not entirely good, and peeing more. At first I pretty much only urinated once a day, after drinking a gallon of water. Now it's a little different. I also don't get as hot as I used too. I think.

We both have lost a toooon of weight. I look fucking emaciated. I don't know if I mentioned this before. It's gross. I mean I have zero body fat. Though its not like I had much before. The only good side, is that when I get back and start riding again, I will be able to build muscle like a pro. Stoked about that.

That is a lot to read. So that will be it for now.


What a babe that boy is. said...

that's actually not how muscle building works...

gotta bulk before you cut...

so come back to the states and get hella fat. i'm talking like 8k calories a day.

love you kids

Justine said...

The "Amar Fort" is actually the "Amber Fort" pronounced like "Amar."

lanedav said...

Love the monkeys, I ran into them Nepal.Wish I had thought of bring a stick.

ling lek lek said...

dude, that's what happened to my body. you really do begin to turn invisible when you turn sideways. thankfully, it doesn't take long to build the muscle back!