Monday, October 5, 2009

Cross is On

Is this your bike shop?

No Molly Cameron owns this shop.

Oh, the reason I ask is because you are in here all the time and always so damn helpful.

(get bashful)
Ha. Well, it's my job. Thanks.

What a great way to start the day. I didn't know I was so nice. Dude bought a $.60 spoke and tipped me a dollar.

Yesterday I worked in the pit for Molly. It turned out to be dry and there were no mechanical issues, so it was uneventful for me. Verg was fucking running around throwing wheels at every other person that came through. Busy day in the pit for Shimano; almost ran out of 10sp wheels. Something tells me there are a lot of people riding in the A's that don't know how to set up their bikes. I heard and saw about 5 tubulars roll off rims. None of them where ours though. So many people got flats, even on the sew-ups. Course or rider error?

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