Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I want to start out with a classic from high school. Well, when I was in high school. Probably one of the only songs I liked on the radio at that time. I was too "angry" to like anything else.


Remember what I said about cyclocross and it being on. Well it can't get any on-er. Molly has won two Cross Crusade races. It's pretty tight. And I get to hang out and feel important and hand off bikes in the pit. I like it. Especially when I don't fuck up. I'm going to get Nate Shapiro to make me some custom work pants for working in the pits. Super stoked about that; everything he makes is top notch.

I wish I had some pictures to show you but I don't. Maybe soon. I'm finally paying off credit card debt and that is such a good feeling. But it means that I can't afford batteries for my camera. I do want a van. I'm going to dream about this:

But I'll probably end up with this:

I'm bummed that tattoos will have to wait. I wanna get all my skin covered up. Just sayn.

Also here is another great cake.

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