Friday, February 26, 2010

Italians + Cycling = Yes.

Ok. I talk about how I want new bikes almost constantly while I'm at work. It's to be expected. I work on some of the nicest bikes in the industry(just wait 'til my next post!!!). Once again I have changed my mind on what I would like next. Of course I'm going to get a fit from the great Molly Cameron, but, now I want to be fit for this:

And I want this to go with it:

Ok, actually I can't take a picture of it and show you because I think it's a secret helmet. I will assure you though, it is ITALIAN. White and gold and Italian colors. Trashy as shit and I love it. You know I would get a kit to match. Full kit; white booties and gloves and eeeeeeeeverything.

I need a sponser for looking good.

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