Friday, June 19, 2009


Is fucking hot.

For realsies.

My last few days in Thailand were great. I got to know some people better and I started to pick up on some thai a little more. I think I wrote about that already but whatever. Bangkok was alright. I did go to the Urban Tree house and talk to Adisak for a few hours. I then walked all the way back to Kalsan Rd, took a shower, ate dinner and then went to bed. Lynd called me at about 11 and we talked for about an hour. Then she woke me up at 4am which was very nice of her. Went to the airport and now I'm here!

So, like I said it is hot. Justine met me at the airport (only just have flown in herself) and we proceeded to go to the Hotel. I saw some dudes with spears and monkeys on the way.

There are so many fucking people and I am having a bit of culture shock. Thankfully Justine is being patient and helping me a long. We have tried to go see some sights, but at around 2 we have to go back to the hotel to rest so we dont have heat stroke. Yesterday I was just tired, but today I was having a hard time breathing. You kinda have to wear long pant and I should be wearing a longsleeve shirt to cover my tattoos. I think maybe when I adjust (hopefully) I will be able to write a little more.

Also Justine's camera battery charger was lost during her flight, soooo there might not be pictures for a long time, unless we find a charger, oh yeah and a USB cord.

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