Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ok. So the computers here won't let me upload pictures to my blog, in fact the only thing i could upload them too was my picaso account. Anyways I'm going to write about each place and then give you a link to a gallery because I don't feel like writing code for about 100 pictures. I am leaving comments on the pictures so you know whats up. So Bangkok is ok. The only cheap place worth staying is hippie central and where westerners come to experience their own culture in an exotic place. Luke and I tried staying in China Town but we ended up bailing because they were the sketchiest rooms I have ever seen. This is about where I left you all last time. We only stayed at Koh Mak for about a day because we didn't want to run out of money. No ATMs on the island. Luke's camera also ran out of batteries on the island so there is a small gap in the pictures. When we got back to Bangkok from Koh Mak, thats when we looked for rooms in China town. Not only did we find terrible rooms, but no one knew where they were and we spent about 2 hours trying to find them. Even the police, who were super friendly, didn't really know. After we found the second place we were so tired of walking that we were like fuck it. But as we were walking around, looking for food we got more and more bummed out. There was a sign in the office that said do not leave you valuables in your room. This turned out to be because there was only a screen above the door. The sheets were dirty, there was no window, super tiny, looked like a cell and the hallway was dark with sketchy silhouettes at the end. So we went back to hippie central, where it costs more, but its safe and the sheets are clean.

We stayed there for another night because a girl from Luke's program was having a birthday outing. So we took a vegan cooking class! Now I know how to make Thai food. Really really good VEGAN Thai food. One of the dishes is raw. Som Tom. Its pretty much the best thing ever. That took about 4-5 hours. Then nap time and then we meet up with friends. These kids were all really good kids. The first night I had really good conversations with Hannah, Luke
and Jenny. We talked about social interactions, social change and activism, and in a way that has been more satisfying and realistic than anything I have ever experienced in the "radical" community at home. There is some very interesting shit happening out here and in the US that I feel radical kids need to be aware of, be a part of and have faith in. I'm not sure that I want to get into that right needs it's own entry.

Anyways drinking in Thailand is interesting. First of all there is a very limited selection of what you can drink. Beer and liquor alike. There is really only whiskey and cheap whiskey at that. Beers of choice are Chang and Leo. Pretty good I guess. The whiskys are ok. I would never drink it at home. But whatever. That night we drank and some of the kids danced and it was pretty fun.

The next day Luke, Sarie, Jenny, Elizebeth and I left for Khon Kaen.

Bangkok Gallery

Koh Mak Gallery


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