Sunday, May 31, 2009


I say that a lot now. Shit is cool. I think im going to skip over most of my flight and all that. Well I will say that I think I need to go to Japan now. When I got there it reinforced everything that I have learned about Japan and it's people and culture up to this point. The Sky was gloomy and shit and the clouds where low and everything on the inside was bright and happy. Very curious. I might say that a lot too. Bare with me on that one. It's my way of saying interesting and I'm still prosessing it. So yeah Japan. Curious.

Thailand is so amazing. I feel like there is so much that I learned in the few days that I am here that it would take be pages to explain it. I can't remember if I said this last time and I don't feel like looking, but the food... the food is so good. Shit. Luke and I found a vegan resturant in Bangkok and I had fake fish soup amoung other things. To refer to the AFP and Art Monk: AAAAAAAAmamzing. The part of Bangkok that we stayed in is sort of hippie central but its cheap and you don't need to hang out there. I want to go to China Town before I go home. When it rains here, its for real. No wussy ass Portland rain. Shit is more serious than East Coast during hurricane season. So good. Tuk tuks are the way to get around. Luke has a friend that is a tuk tuk driver, he gave us a local deal. I'm going to try and find him whenever I'm there. I really hope I can I can post pictures soon. They help with the explainations. Yesterday Luke and I took the bus from Bangkok to Laem Ngob and then a boat to Koh Mak which is where we are right now. We decided not to go to Railay because it woul take to long. Traveling here was great. I want to post picture rather than try to explain much too much. We went through farm land and the boat ride was intense. Speed boats over choppy water at about 60mph. We rode in the back of pick ups serveral time now. Its pretty fun. Lychees are in season and I think Pineapple and Coconuts. Just missed mangos.

It is so hot and humid here. You are pretty much wet all the time and take showers all day. Its not bad when you get used to it. Speaking of which I need to go get some water and maybe some food. I will probably update again soon.


farrellvegan said...

so awesome. cant wait for the next update.

xBWRNWx said...

omg lychees. its like spiky grapes that you peel, but more delicious. jealous.