Friday, August 7, 2009

Maybe I have a Parasite.

I am now back in Thailand. My experience in Kolkuta was so frustrating that when I got to Thailand I felt relieved. I have come to the decision that all major cities in India suck ass. I know that I haven't been to all of them, but I have been to most, and based on what I have heard about Mumbai, I think my statement will hold true.

Unfortunately that feeling did not last very long. Last night I went to a hospital after having a severe headache, what turned out to be a high fever and diarrhea all day. Actually I think I had the diarrhea when I was in India. I was told that it is most likely a intestinal infection. Yay. Traveling in parts of the world where they only fry food is going to be rough on my body. I want some fucking steamed kale and quinoa. I ended up paying large portion of money for an injection and some pills because I don't have insurance. Though it was still incredibly less than any medical treatment in the US.

Getting from Varanasi to Kolkuta was ok. Another overnight train that gave me more sinus problems and an aching back and neck. This time there were a bunch on electrical and mechanical engineering students on the train that seemed to take a liking to me. I talked to one student for a while (I don't remember his name) and then went to bed. When I arrived in Kolkuta I immediately was offered over priced taxi rides to my destination. I got the correct fare and started the hour long journey across town to find out that my driver had no idea where my hotel was and dropped me off some where near it. I spent an hour looking for it with my bags while tired and hungry. Finally a young man took me to a place on his rickshaw called the number I had and dropped me at a hotel with a similar name. So I said fuck it and stayed there.

This hotel was ok, though the internet wasn't working and the restaurant in its main building was the only thing open for about a mile. Measly portions and not so great food. One interesting thing that I witnessed is that there were tons of communist flags and hammer and sickle logos graffiti-ed all over this particular part of town. Didn't find out what that was about.

Varanasi was a terrible place. The food was decent, but we didn't eat Indian food. When you get something like food poisoning with a particular food, you don't really want to eat it any more. Anyways, the town is super sketch with organized crime and the tourists don't help at all. I can't imagine what India is like during the high season. I hate to say it, but most westerners traveling the world are terrible people. They some of the rudest people I have encountered. Not to mention ridiculous. When you go to India you should expect things like rats, poor people, power outages and spicy food. If you don't like those things then fuck off and don't visit. Do not start complaining to your hosts about how you are not going to pay a couple of bucks for you room because the shower didn't work for a day. Shit.

There are a lot pictures from Varanasi, but I will have to upload them whenever Justine gets a chance to do the same. I am leaving Bangkok tomorrow because it is expensive. I will go to Khon Kaen and then make my way to Chiang Mai.


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halfanimal said...


What a babe that boy is. said...

zomg ur dying.
plz b better.
left a pickaxe in teh back.
use it. take care of it 4me plz?
srs bzns.

Jake said...

remember that time i walked into mordor.

fuck i want that as a poster or tshirt or something.

ima have ta climb a mountian to use a pick axe. or make a swan ice sculpture.