Wednesday, March 31, 2010

we love our jobs

An older guy with two younger girls stopped in front the of the shop and then after chatting a little decided to come in. I thought they just wanted to take a look around, but instead when I asked if they needed any help, the guy wanted me to confirm a belief. I guess when they were initially walking by, he said to the girls that the people that worked in bike shops we some of the happiest people around. We ride our bikes to work, fix other peoples bike and then ride them and then ride home. It's not all about making lots of money, he said. He was pretty on point. I agreed. My job is awesome and I haven't kept a non-bicycle mechanic job for more than a month in the last ten years. Plus, I don't wear a uniform and I get to listen to my music all day. Of course the girls said they never doubted him. I often tell people the same thing. That my job is great and I love it. It was interesting to have someone come in and ask my opinion on my job in such a way.

Don't take this as way of thinking I don't have other interests and ambitions. I do, and they are coming to life right now. However I think I will always find myself a part of a shop or some how working on bicycles.

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Luke said...

Seriously. Fuck some haters.